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ThompsonTraining made full use of our Social Media Management service

ThompsonTraining were a new startup looking to make an impact in the fitness world. They had no website or a coherrant social media presence until they came to Emerald Creative. This is what happened.

Emerald Creative has helped ThompsonTraining with their Social Media Management

ThompsonTraining are a startup that focus primarily on personal fitness and nutrition. They wanted to promote themselves using both their website as well as social media, as their target audience primarily used both these areas when searching for fitness related services. They had already made a start on social media, but found that it was a lot more difficult to make the most of it than they had anticipated.

After speaking with Emerald Creative, initially about designing a website for them, we started to train them on the best ways to use social media. The best time of day to get the maximum impact from a post, and what they could do to make themselves seem more approachable. Since then, their social media and website have worked in harmony together. The added bonus for them has been the praise they have received about their website, as their customers have found it very professional, easy to use, and very informative.

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