Web Application Development - Kiely Connect for Kiely Skips

Kiely Skips had an idea to use our Web Application Development service

Kiely Skips wanted a web application that would represent their recycling information in an easy way for their customers to view. They asked Emerald Creative to build this application for them, and this is what we delivered.

Emerald Creative have built Kiely Connect for Kiely Skips with our Web Application Development service

Kiely Skips came up with the idea of a way to make their customers lives easier. They wanted a way of entering information about the waste they collected for a customer and have it displayed in an easy to view format. After discussing the idea with us, we made their idea a reality. We built them Kiely Connect, a web application that displays recorded recycling figures and displayed in such a way that it's accessible on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

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