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ThompsonTraining used our Web Design service

ThompsonTraining came to us to talk about designing a website for them that would help them engage with people in the fitness world. This is what happened.

Emerald Creative have built ThompsonTraining a website with their Web Design Service

ThompsonTraining are a startup that focus primarily on personal fitness and nutrition. They wanted a website to showcase their skills, success stories and their knowledge so that prospective clients could see what they were about. However, they didn't know specifically what they needed or wanted, and decided to ask Emerald Creative to help them.

We sat down with ThompsonTraining to find out what they wanted to get from their website, and what they could do in order to get ahead of their competitors. With their feedback, we came up with a plan to design and develop a website that would not only promote ThompsonTraining to new customers but to promote itself as a one stop shop for advice on fitness and personal training.

Once the website was designed, ThompsonTraining were left feeling very impressed by what we designed and built for them. So much so, they asked us to provide social media management for them so they could maximise the benefits of their website!

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