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We Provide A Professional And Affordable Social Media Management Service For A Range Of Businesses And Budgets.

Social media has exploded in recent years, with people being on more than one network and spending a lot of time on each network. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, the list is now becoming endless. However, most businesses either don't see the value in engaging with the customers over social media, or they simply don't understand how to use it to their advantage.

Emerald Creative can help with managing your social media. We know that running a business is hard enough without having to worry about whether potential customers are looking for you on a particular social media network. We also know that it can be quite worrying to think that your business may not have any meaningful presence on these networks. What we do for clients like you is to set you up on the most popular social media networks that would benefit your business, and promote your business through those networks.

A huge benefit of social media is that lets you engage with your customers or potential customers on a one-to-one basis. We can train you and provide support in how best to deal with customers through social media. Whether they ask you a question, praise your business, or show their unhappiness with service they have received from you, we will give you the confidence so that you can maximise the praise you have received or help rectify a customer's unhappiness.

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Social Media That Boosts Your Business

There are lots of different social networks that your potential customers are on, but is your business on these networks and are you making the most of your presence on there?

We can help manage your social media accounts to help maximise your exposure on there, and we can even train you to become the master of social media!

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