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Bespoke Web Application Development Service

We Specialise In Developing Web Applications For Businesses Of All Sizes To Suit A Range Of Budgets.

Web applications often provide our clients with a unique selling point that their competitors can't match. This unique selling point is made up of two things; a web application that provides a solution to a problem a potential customer may have, and a web application that addresses the needs of our client as well as their customer base. Furthermore, it has the added benefit of being built by Emerald Creative.

Using our web design philosophy as a foundation, we believe a web application doesn't need to look complex to look powerful. It needs to be intuitive and easy to use. It needs to make the user feel at ease and give them confidence to use the system. The last thing that you want your web app to do is to put people off by looking too frightening or being too difficult to use.

Every web application we build is bespoke and unique to the needs, wants and goals set out by you the client. Using these aspirations as a starting point we then design every aspect of the web application. We take great care in the user process, how the user will interact with the web application's interface, how it will work on different types of devices etc. We also make sure that you find the administration of the web application as easy to use as possible.

Once it's been built, tested, and approved by you, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of our involvement with the project. For the first year we provide technical support for the application and monitor its performance to make sure it doesn't let you down. It’s a complimentary service, and it’s the least we could do. After all we believe you have a choice. And you chose to have Emerald Creative build your web application.

Our Process of Success

  1. We have a chat about what you want you need your web application to do
    We'll discuss what the purpose of your web application is, how you imagine it to work and what it should do for your customer base. We will then give you our own feedback based on years of experience and expertise building applications for a wide range of customers and needs.
  2. We set to work designing the user workflow and the interface
    Strong, sturdy buildings always have a strong foundation from the start and this philosophy also applies to our web applications. We make sure that the interface is simple and easy to use for you and your customers, and that the way the user interacts with the system is simple and intuitive. This creates a rapport between your customer and your web application, which ultimately improves the working and personal relationship between you, your business and your customer.
  3. We develop a prototype, and then test it to within an inch of its life
    Once you have approved our ideas for the interface and the user workflow, we then set to work making dreams and ideas become a reality. We develop your web application using the information gained from our conversations and research. Once we have finished our initial work, a prototype is then released. This prototype is tested thoroughly in house, and once it passes our highest standards, it's then released to you for you to test and have a play with.
  4. We launch your web application, and have a party to celebrate!
    Once testing has been finished, and you give us the go-ahead, we release your web application in to the wild. We will work with you in order to make the launch as simple and as smooth as possible, and continue to work with you throughout the first year of the application being released.

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Mobile Optimised As Standard

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are used more and more every day, but some web applications aren't designed to work on these devices.

When we design and develop web applications, we make sure that they are optimised for mobile devices as standard.

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We always test our software to within an inch of it's life. You can rest assured that every test imaginable has been conducted on your software, so you won't have any unexpected surprises.

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